Mindfulness in Action

Comments from course participants 2013-14

"I would definitely recommend this course, it was very helpful. I would love to have follow-up sessions. I found it really helpful"

" I found the course very supportive. It helped reduce my stress levels and reflect on many things. I also made friends on the course."

"The material and the instructor's expertise and experience worked really well for me"

"I would recommend the course. It has helped me in all areas of my life"

"I have found this course transformative in how I think about stress, difficult feelings,living in the present and being able to breathe".

"I would recommend the course it has been a fantastic supportive experience. I have recommended it to all my colleagues".

"What has been most personally ueful has been to learn to slow down and appreciate the present more".

"I would recommend this course as it offers other ways of dealing with stress without resorting to medication".

"I would recommend this course as it really can help people reduce stress in their lives"

"Everyone can take something from this course".

"Learning to develop acceptance and kindness has personally been most useful.Also using breathing as an anchor!"

"Relaxing and thought-provoking".

" I would absolutely recommend this course. Its given me a different outlook and 'in-look'".

"I love the concept of daily mindfulness and want to incorporate this in my life and to really relish, focus on and absorb the moments that I experience the simplest of pleasures".

" I really enjoyed the group sessions and would have no hesitation in recommending this course."

"I would definitely recommend this course to anyone and everyone - we are each on our journewy and would take something positive from this mindfulness course."

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